A Permanent Proposal

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Some do it by the foot of the Eiffel Tower, others hide it in a flute of champagne. But a Brisbane author as gained worldwide attention, when he proposed to his girlfriend in the acknowledgements of his debut novel.

Christopher Currie’s novel The Ottoman Hotel is not set to be released for several weeks, but already the book has made international headlines because of the cliffhanger on its final page.

The acknowledgement on the back page of the book reads: “[t]o my favourite, to the reason I live my life, Leesa Wockner who, if she reads this, I hope will agree to marry me, despite the number of commas in this sentence.”

Even though Wockner accepted the proposal, Currie told Crikey, that he took a gamble in declaring his love in a public format.

“A ring is one thing to hide, a book is quite another. And, I suppose, the really brave (or stupid) thing was knowing that my proposal would be in print forever, and I would look like a real idiot if it didn’t come off,” he said.

The Ottoman Hotel is about an Australian boy from New south Wales, who wakes up to find his parents missing. It will be released in Australian on 2nd March.


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